PollBuzzer Panelists

Our Panel is Continuing to Grow Every Day

Our PollBuzzer panel of respondents are located all over the world, with most of our respondents located in the United States and Canada. They come from all walks of life, and have varied demographics. In fact, our panel of respondents can be filtered by 20 different demographic categories, including age, location, marital status, education, and income.

You Can Rest Assured that

All of Our Panelists are Unique Individuals.

Before a panelist can become an official PollBuzzer Panelist, they must be PayPal verified. This gives you the assurance that no panelist is answering a question twice, and it gives our panelists an easy and secure way to get paid for their responses.

For every survey a panelist completes, $1 US dollar is deposited into their PayPal account. Please visit PollBuzzer.com to learn more about the panelist experience.

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