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Create and send your survey instantly with the option to send to our entire panel or to ask a follow up question to a custom panel.

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Right Now.

Our panelists are PayPal verified. That means that each person who responds to your survey question is a REAL person. Unlike other survey sites, PollBuzzer has no duplicate panelists and no bots.

PollBuzzer provides unparalleled turn-around times between asking a question and Getting it Answered.

PollBuzzer gives you the technology that allows you to create and send a survey to thousands of people within minutes. Your results are delivered to your inbox in as little as 1 hour.


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Create your Survey

With our Do-it-Yourself Question Wizard, you can easily create your survey question within minutes. Our sleek user-interface is easy to use and provides you with a dashboard that contains all of your past survey questions and results all in one convenient place.

Customize your Panel

Our panel is broad and spans many demographics including age, gender, income, marital status, employment status, and many more.

After creating your survey, you have the option to narrow down your survey's demographic reach with our demographic filters. It's as easy as clicking a button.

Send your Survey

Once you click "send," your survey reaches PollBuzzer panelists within minutes. Our verified-real panelists will answer your survey via their mobile devices or computers.

Receive Results

You will receive results in as little as 1 hour. Full results, including demographic data, can be easily downloaded from your dashboard. Results come in a business-ready excel chart with pivot tables allowing you to easily sort through your data.