Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the panelists?

PollBuzzer’s panelists are drawn from the general population. They have voluntarily agreed to answer your questions in exchange for compensation from PollBuzzer. Like the general population, our panel is comprised of a diverse mix of people, and we have made and continue to make every effort to grow a balanced panel of respondents. Currently, our panel is largest in the United States, although we are actively building our respondent base in other countries.

How can I be sure there will be enough respondents in the demographic profile that I select?

PollBuzzer handles this for you. In the Question Wizard, as you select the demographic profile of your ideal respondents, we’ll calculate the number of PollBuzzer panelists that fit that profile and then suggest an appropriate sample size to reflect the historical response rate of those respondents.

When can I expect to see results?

You receive the results as soon as your survey closes. Your results will be emailed to you in an Excel attachment, complete with the demographic, geographic and socio-economic characteristics of each panelist who responded to your question, and those results will also be available on your Client Dashboard.

Can I ask multiple questions of the same panel segment?

Yes; after you ask your first survey question, you can create unlimited follow-up questions for the same respondent set or sub-sets of the respondents who answered the previous question. That’s available by selecting “Custom Panel” on the first page of the Question Wizard.

Can I take advantage of the fact that panelists have expressed opinions on other subjects before answering my question?

Yes. One of the analytical advantages of PollBuzzer is that once you start asking questions, each time you ask a new question your results file will contain the answers that the respondents to that survey gave in all the previous surveys you’ve asked.

Can other clients of PollBuzzer see my questions?

No. Each client needs to ask its own unique and original question. If a future client of ours repeats your question, we will not offer that client the results of your survey.

How does the pricing work?

PollBuzzer’s base pricing is per complete response. We vary our pricing per response depending on how quickly you need your data, as follows:
TimingPrice per complete response
1 hour $3.00
2 hours $2.75
3 hours $2.50
6 hours $2.25
24 hours $2.00
48 hours $2.00
72 hours $2.00

When you complete your question and select your pricing and timing, you will be asked to authorize payment, using a major credit card. If you or your company have signed a Master Service Agreement with PollBuzzer, you will be directly invoiced for your payment.

What happens if PollBuzzer can’t fill my order?

In the event your order is not complete within the chosen time frame, your PayPal account or credit card will only be charged for the responses completed in that time frame, so long as we have provided 80% of the requested responses to you. Anything less than that, and the survey is free of charge. We also will not charge you for more responses than you order. So, if you order 100 responses and we can only get you 60, you get the data without a charge, and if we give you 105 responses, you only pay for 100.